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Prof. Patricia Phillippy

My research is in early modern English literature and culture, with specific focus on women writers and gender. I have recently completed a book entitled Shaping Remembrance from Shakespeare to Milton (Cambridge, forthcoming in 2018), which is aligned with scholarship in historical phenomenology as it intersects with critical posthumanism. I view that the subject as constituted through embedded and embodied sets of interrelations, and I emphasize the centrality of acts of remembrance—of oneself and of others—to ensure the inner coherence of the self.  Chapters in the book present a series of linked cartographies of discrete locations within the interrelational field of early modern remembrance. One aim of this book is to refine the contemporary critical embrace of the “situational model” of women’s writing by way of a vitalist materialist view of the female subject as constituted by interactions between the gendered body and its social, cultural, natural, and spiritual environments. Bringing to bear upon this model Braidotti’s understanding of figurations as composing “a living map [of] highly specific geo-political and historical locations; history tattooed on your body,” I argue, enables more nuanced and precise cartographies that capture the embodied, relational, and transformative situations of women’s literate production.  

Unknown artist. Tanfield Monument. Effigies of Elizabeth Tanfield and Elizabeth Cary (after 1625). St. John the Baptist Church, Burford. Photograph by Patricia Phillippy.