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I am very interested in narratives – both about personal experiences (including trauma narratives) and fictional stories and take a linguistic and narratological approach to their study. I am currently exploring narratives based on traumatic experiences for their structure and to understand how people evaluate their extraordinary experiences. I am also currently writing a book entitled Disnarration and the Unmentioned in Fact and Fiction which explores a range of narrative techniques that subvert expectations and could even be said to manipulate the reader. One such dimension called disnarration describes the events in a story that do not happen yet are referred to, while counterfactual storytelling (or what might have happened) is another narrative technique that emerges from the idea that as characters in their storyworld are conscious, they have hopes, wishes and desires and therefore have options that open up a network of possibilities in terms of the plot goal. For this research, I am exploring a range a texts from oral narratives of personal experience to media stories and literary fiction that includes Fowles’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman (with its infamous endings) to understand why these stories are important and what makes them ‘tellable’.


In November 2016, I gave a TEDx talk entitled Telling stories: Narratives as life experiences which summarises some of my interest and research in narratives: https://youtu.be/LcRpCa-_xTc

Dr Marina Lambrou